6. Creative Team


The Professor – Garett Taketa

Yelena – Kyle Scholl

Vanya – Alex Rogals

Sonya – Karissa J. Murrell

Astrov – Seth N. Lilley

Telegin – Harold Wong

Mrs. Voinitsky – Josephine Calvo

Marina – Amber Davison

Game Show Host – Walt Gaines

Host’s Assistant – Sami Akuna

Security Guard – Xavier Smith

Chekhov Expert – Craig Howes

Survivor of Last Show – Montana Rizzuto

Main Zombie 1 – Travis Ross

Main Zombie 2 – Sunny Kim

Main Zombie 3 – Elvis Nguyen

Zombie Horde –  Michael Donato, Eden Henry, Michelle Johnson, Olga Kalashnikova, Janelle Macapinlac, Kara Nabarrete, Yati Paseng, Montana Rizzuto, Randal Yamaguchi


Dr. Markus Wessendorf – Director

Ben Sota – Assistant Director

Cheri Vasek – Costumes

Donald Quilinquin – Set

Sam Shields – Makeup

Storm Stoker – Props

Yining Lin, Production Dramaturge, Chekhov



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